Worthy of Love

written by A Real Couple

He’s my college sweetheart and he rescued me at a time when I thought I would never be properly loved.

A year before we met, I found myself in a verbally abusive and on-and-off again relationship. I had been cheated on more times than I could count. But I stayed because my ex managed to distort my confidence enough to believe that is all I deserved. Once I finally distanced myself from my ex, I hit a downward spiral of unhealthy flings attempting to find value.

Then one day, I decided that was enough. I decided I was worthy of a great relationship. I was worthy of love.

Not long later my now boyfriend, a guy I somehow never meet on our tiny college campus, broke up with his rebound girlfriend. Even though we went to the same small college for the whole year, even though we had the same mutual friends, we did not meet until the timing was perfect for both of us. Timing is everything!

After we met, I told our mutual friend that he was cute and meant little of it, but she went and exaggerated to him about how big of a crush I had on him in order to give him the courage to talk to me. He finally asked for my number and we clicked immediately.

A few weeks into talking, I realized how attached I was getting after being hurt so many times before and broken down. I was scared. “What if he was just like every other guy?”

My friend pushed me to talk to him about it. She said,

If it scares him away, he is not the one.

So I sat down with him and told him “If you are going to mess with me, do not even bother and just walk away now.” He looked down, and then looked me straight in the eye and said:

I would never. You are different than any other girl I have ever met and those guys were dumb for ever letting you go.

Months later, he told me this was the moment he knew I was the one because I had the courage to stick up for myself. Today, it has been almost two years later and I love him more than I ever knew I could. He treats me better than I ever imagined. He brings me flowers just because, he will show up to my work randomly with a cup of coffee. When he walks in the room, I still get a cheesy school girl grin and butterflies. Within the next year, we plan on putting a ring on it. His family is mine and my family is his. I cannot wait to spend forever with him.

So if you’re scared, like I was, it’s ok. I’m passing on the wisdom of my best friend: Tell him how you feel and if he can’t handle it he’s not the right guy. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of a great relationship. Ask for it, demand it.

And if you’ve been cheated on and want some REAL inspiration for how to trust again read “Got Cheated On? A Girl’s Guide For How To Trust In Your Next Relationship.” It’s SO Good!!!

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