Sexy Game Night Ideas For Valentines Day

written by Trisha Stone

If you’re like me and not big on Valentine’s Day – the overpriced flowers and the crowded restaurants – but you also don’t want to ignore it either read on.  A Hallmark excuse is just as good as any to celebrate with each other, right?!

And since we’ve all had fun making bets with our S.O. and the winner earning dinner, a massage, or sexual favor I think the best date idea for Valentine’s Day is to plan a sexy game night-in instead. It’s FUN, you get to stay IN, and it’s FREE which is the perfect combo!

Here’s a few ideas of games to play, sexy bets to make and wishes to try to win!

Game NIGHT Ideas: 

Turn up an old-school game (maybe “strip” hungry hungry hippos, checkers, or uno). Loser gets naked, winner gets a wish.

Play a game of trivial pursuitHow well do you know each other? For every answer your partner gets wrong they owe you a domestic favor of your choosing. Then switch.

  1. Soft tacos or hard tacos?
  2. A TV show or movie?
  3. Grape or strawberry jelly?
  4. Stomach, back or side sleeper?
  5. Bath or shower?
  6. Vacation to the Caribbean or Europe?

Play a game of sexy trivial pursuitHow well do you know each other sexually? For every answer they get wrong they owe you a sexual favor of your choosing. Then switch.

  1. Ice or heat?
  2. Kiss my ears or suck on my toes?
  3. Pull my hair or spank me?
  4. Feather or handcuffs?
  5. Toys or no toys?
  6. On top or from behind?

Challenge your partner to a triathlon competition (water gun or nerf gun fight, hula hoop competition, ping pong, air hockey, horse, M&M eating contest, etc.). Get creative, anything goes!

Googly eye graffiti: Decorate stuff with googly eyes. How many googly eyes you can put on things without getting caught? The one with the most at the end of the date wins a wish.

A sexy card gameEach suit has a sexy meaning: Hearts represent kissing, diamonds equal a massage, clubs signify stimulation, and spades are oral. The number on the card represents the number of seconds each sexy act should last. 

Sexy Bet IDEAS | Wishes for the Winner:

Rub down: An oldie but goodie. Set the mood for the winner with a black light and bring some massage oil! Or go skinny dipping in the bathtub with bubbles and candles and give the winner a head, neck and shoulder massage. 

Sexy scavenger hunt: Hide clues which lead to a surprise gift or sex toy for the winner.

Slave services: Winner gives the orders and making all the decisions for the night and will pick an outfit for the slave to wear.

Hotel or B&B’n choice: Winner picks the next vacation spot.

Naked dinner: Loser eats dinner naked.

Bodywash: Take a shower together. Loser has to wash the winner’s body.

Breakfast in bed: Another oldie but goodie! Eat in bed and stay in your PJs all day.

A new position: Winner picks a new sex position (or location) you’ve never tried before.

Remember when: Think back on one of our hottest nights and loser has to recreate it.

Ice, ice, babe: Loser pops a small ice cube in their mouth during oral sex.

Detention: Play teacher/student. Winner picks their role and the punishment.

I love cheap thrillsMake the loser do something silly you did as a kid which you shouldn’t do now. (Tee-pee, prank call their friends, order pizza to the neighbor’s house, or doorbell ditch)

Adios pantalonesSkip the underwear and have a quickie in public.

Pool party: Go skinny dipping. 

On the hood: Have fun on the hood (or inside) the car.

In the dark: Winner will blindfold the loser, tie him/her to a chair and have their way with them. 

Oral alarm clock: Sleep naked tonight. Be ready for morning sex. Loser is going to wake the winner up using only their tongue.

It takes two: Try a sex toy designed for two.

The sweet spotsWinner blindfolds the loser then puts a dab of chocolate syrup or honey on at least five small spots of their body. Then challenges the loser to kiss their body until they find all the sweet spots.

For the more adventurous: Rear entry, a sexy double date or with a friend, Youporn & chill.

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