Our Top Ten Easiest Tips For Staying Happily Coupled

written by A Real Couple

Here’s some unique, fun and easy tips for staying happily coupled!

  1. Play a weekly game or inside joke with your partner. One idea: Play hide-and-seek. Pick something funny or cute to hide – maybe something from a trip you took together, a love note or even a piece of fake poop and take turns hiding it each week so your partner will find it (in their bag, in the refrigerator, wherever.)
  2. Rub your partner’s shoulders for 2 seconds (Sometimes you are just too tired or not in the mood to even kiss but you can do a quick shoulder touchturned into a behind-the-back hug anytime.)
  3. THIS ONE’S FOR THE MEN: Whenever your girlfriend or wife comments that another girl is pretty you say, “Yes, but not as pretty as you!”
  4. Take turns planning date night, coordinating the babysitters if you need them and everything for the entire night. If you are the partner who likes planning just let go.
  5. Go to bed angry sometimes. It’s better than saying something you will regret. Whole blog post on it here.
  6. Encourage your partner to do things that are important to them: to have some solo fun (go to the gym, a new class, dinner with friends) and to follow their dreams (even when you know it may not work).
  7. Every week try to do one chore for your partner they hate doing.
  8. Keep talking. Quiz each other with a new fun question each week and see if you match. Soft tacos or hard tacos; which kid did you like better this week; Iceland or Fiji; backrub or foot massage; “would you rather” have my mom or your mom move in; eskimo or butterfly kiss; skydiving or bungee jumping – just have fun with it.   
  9. Have sex when you both feel like it but try to set the mood once a week. Life will get in the way sometimes but that’s a fun goal.
  10. Last one is so simple! Say THANK YOU. It’s simple but something we forget to do. We get spoiled so easily – and soon just expect our partners to do stuff for us. But don’t forget to say thank you. 

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