Never go to Bed Angry – 3 Times To Break this Rule

No matter what happens “NEVER go to bed angry.” I always thought this was a ridiculous rule, maybe it was for people who are way more grown-up and mature than I am.

In general, I try not to sweat the small stuff so when I’m pissed, I’m probably pretty pissed (and maybe a tad irrational ;)). My honey can also be pretty stubborn. We both usually need time to calm down and think about things.

So what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with going to bed, resting, thinking about the issue overnight and seeing if we can wake up with a new perspective??? I say absolutely NOTHING and there are times when that’s exactly what you should do!

When to break this golden rule:

  1. When it’s a big issue and it simply can’t be worked out in one night. You shouldn’t have to pretend everything’s ok just so you can say “we never go to bed angry.”
  2. When you’re both angry and irrational. You’re both upset and also likely want to win the argument (or at least not “lose”) and when this happens you won’t be able to resolve it & you will probably say something you regret.
  3. When you’ve been partying. In this case, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to go to bed angry. Things almost always look different in the morning.

If you want to fix things the right way sometimes that takes time and you might have to spend a night or two angry and that’s perfectly normal, and in my opinion reasonable.

What do you guy think?  Is going to bed angry sometimes okay for your relationship?


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