In Sickness and In Health, When The Unexpected Happens Days Before The Wedding

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When The Unexpected Happens 2 Days Before The Wedding

12 days before our wedding my fiance Kim ruptured her Achilles playing basketball. She had surgery 3 days later followed by a week of bed rest before they put on the hard cast only two days before our wedding!  I repeat, she got a cast put on 2 days before our wedding. You can imagine the amount of stress that was added to the already hectic wedding week!

Kim is a sports nut. She loves watching sports, talking about sports and playing sports. Gone are the days when she played college sports. Now, it’s adult leagues (yes, old man or in this case old lady pick-up games.) These leagues are supposed to be somewhat noncompetitive but Kim doesn’t know how to be noncompetitive.  I should also add that this is not her first injury! Two years ago she was playing co-ed flag football and broke her pinkie finger.

I had to help Kim shower and essentially do everything for weeks and I joked with her that if she got injured again, I was done with her. Of course I was just joking with her but it’s like the universe wanted to test me for saying it out loud!  So here we go again, only this time it’s two weeks before the wedding!

To be completely honest, I was very upset about it. I was worried about whether we would be able to take pictures together, have our first dance and most importantly whether she would be able to have fun on our wedding day.

Being that we live in San Diego, CA, we planned to get married on the beach and now that she had a full leg cast, we had to figure out how to get her down the aisle.  Keeping her leg wrapped was imperative so she didn’t get sand inside her new bright wedding white cast! We decided to have her brother help her down the aisle and it was pretty comical and also a sentimental to include him. All of our friends and family were laughing and it ended up adding some comedy into our ceremony.

In sickness and in health


But here’s the thing, a year ago I said yes … yes to committing to her for the rest of our lives, and I meant it. 

Our wedding day was all I could have asked for and more. Kim and I still can’t believe how special it was for us and her being in a cast didn’t change the fact that it was the best day of our lives.  It’s all abut your attitude and mindset, and we chose to stay positive and let nothing stand in the way of making our wedding dreams come true.


In Sickness And In Health


Although Kim loves sports more than most almost anything in this world, I know that she loves me more. I’ll always be here to love and support her and of course, take care of her…in sickness and in health and always.


Featured Couple: Kim and Michelle
Storyteller: Michelle @cozad10
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