How We Met: A Boxing Love Story

written by A Real Couple

Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical “come to this gym often” kind-of romantic gym story.

It was another regular training day in my building’s private gym. Except that day I didn’t wrap my hands properly and I trained long and hard on that damn punching bag. I noticed I started to bleed from under my fabric wraps, so I took them off and made myself a bandage out of paper towels until I could clean up the mess and get back upstairs to my unit.

I quietly walked over to the elevator and got in hoping noone would see that I had broken my knuckles open, “it’s only 6 floors, you’ll make it Grace!” I foolishly thought to myself. (Just an FYI, I’m a petite gal but stand pretty tall at 5’6” and have spent a lot of time training…I can usually take intense workouts).

Of course, like a scene out of a teenage romance novel, the elevator stopped and this incredibly handsome man walks in. When I say “incredibly handsome” I’m understating how beautifully sculpted this human was and I mean beeeaaautiful. Naturally, I wanted to bury my head in the sand; ostrich style.

I rapidly and self-consciously tried to cover up my bleeding and injured hands (at least I was in gym attire and had my MMA gloves with me). He noticed right away. The look of shock and concern on his face…along with a bit of a grin/smile was absolutely priceless!

I instantly knew I was done for.

He offered his help, and I let my guard down and said yes. As he cleaned and bandaged my hands, I looked at him and asked how he knew what to do. It turned out that he also practiced MMA.

After that we decided to box together. Boxing buddies quickly turned into movie-worthy love, along with a beautiful friendship. I didn’t know souls this beautiful could exist, and he taught me that they do. A few months later, we decided we couldn’t stand being away from one another so we decided to make it official.

Years later my honey and I are still going strong, despite facing insane life and death hurdles and tragedies. When I am 20%, he is 80%; and together we are 100%.

The Takeaway: Pick Someone Who Takes Care Of You From The Beginning (And who you can box with!)

About the Couple: I almost forgot to mention the most magical part about all of this; he is from Jordan and hasn’t been in Canada for even a decade. I count my lucky stars that life brought him from across the world and into my elevator in Toronto.

How did you meet your S.O.?

Featured Couple: Grace and Ra’ad together since June 2016
Storyteller: Grace
Edited By: The Coupled

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