How To Have Vacation Sex At Home

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Why is vacation sex SO great?!  New York based clinical sexologist Ian Kerner says it’s because your amygdala, the part of your brain associated with stress and worry, needs to deactivate for you to climax and that’s much easier to do when you’re on vacation. Time away from your routine can also stimulate the release of dopamine (the “pleasure hormone”) in the brain, he says, which plays a major role in arousal. Glamour, Why Vacation Sex Is So Good.

A couple share their secrets on how to fake vacation sex at home all year:


We’re busy with work, kids, life and so for us we really have to set time aside and turn everything off – cell phones, tv, etc. We like to do yoga together, it’s something we both enjoy. We also like to make cocktails, turn on some music and just hang out together.

Tip: Get a cocktail kit delivered to your door. Here is a link to an article on Thrillist comparing some cool Cocktail Subscription Boxes which make being an at-home mixologist look easy and fun.


I love picking a theme and pretending we’re somewhere else. I’ll make tacos and spicy margaritas and we’ll pretend we’re in Cabo. We’ll sit outside and listen to fun music, dance and laugh.  Sticking to a new theme once a month helps us get out of our “normal” going out to dinner dates. We trade off every month who picks the theme so one of us is always surprised!

Tip: Try this spicy margarita by FED+fit. Recipe here.

How to have Vacation Sex at Home



Our go-to’s are candles and massage oil. Lingerie or anything else that makes the experience sexy and different from our everyday lives.

Tip: Have fun with bath bombs. There’s even a Sex Bomb which has jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang!

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