How To Attract + Manifest Your Ideal Partner

written by Yasmin Elzomor

I believe that you have the complete power to attract anything you want in life with mindset and focus — including your ideal partner. This may sound pretty cliche, but you truly are the master of your own reality. 

But if you’re like me and you believe this but have still found yourself in bad relationships then this article and my story of self discovery is for you.

Have you asked yourself questions like these over and over again…

Why am I constantly attracting the same type of person? 

Why are all my romantic relationships so unhealthy?

The hard truth is everything you’ve attracted into your life so far has been manifested by YOU. All of the positive, the negative and everything in between. You have a lot more power than you think you do.

When you know how to use that power, you can attract anything and everything you want, from that job promotion to that ideal partner. 

Speaking from personal experience, it’s not fun to be in relationships that don’t support and encourage your personal growth and that only add toxicity to your life. It’s easy to point fingers and blame the other person, but what we all fail to do is look deep into ourselves and accept the fact that maybe there’s something we need to improve.

After all, every person is a mirror to us. Whatever insecurities or fears you have or are dealing with you will clearly see in the person you’re dating. Until you get comfortable with who you are and what you need to work on, you won’t attract the right person. You’ll keep attracting toxic relationships that will never be good, much less great. And we all deserve a great relationship. 

The day I decided to get real with myself about why I WAS constantly manifesting unhealthy partners, was the day my inner world began to change.

After my last breakup, it was crucial for me to take time to reflect, set my ego aside, so I could understand what parts of myself needed to be healed. I realized that I was attracting these unhealthy relationships because I was lacking a whole lot of self-love.

I was depending on someone else to make me feel loved and special, I felt like I needed that validation. I also lacked boundaries and became resentful. I thought I felt resentful towards my partner but it turns out I was mainly resentful towards myself. I had given up my power entirely.

My partner at the time was simply showing me the things I needed to work on and after my breakup that’s exactly what I did. Once I started making changes, I began to love and value myself more:

  • I gave myself time to heal the inner wounds that were clearly holding me back from living my happiest and healthiest life.
  • I traveled. I spent time with people who love and cherish me.
  • I took the time to care for myself physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • And I set love boundaries for my next relationship before I even had it. 

Somewhere in between those magical moments, my soulmate arrived. The Universe knew I was ready because I was stepping into my power again. Leaving my past in the past and not looking back while working to become a better version of myself. That was really all I needed to do to attract a healthy, loving partnership.

And the work doesn’t end once you get in a relationship.

In order to keep this partnership healthy, I constantly remind myself how important it is to keep my boundaries, own my power and give myself endless amounts of love. No one will know how to love and respect you if you can’t love and respect yourself first.

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