Creative Fall Date Ideas

written by Lauren Caldwell
Fall Date Ideas

Fall is a great time to ditch the standard dinner date and try something creative and festive! It also happens to be the time of year for “basic couple behavior” BUT we do not care. Be basic AF and enjoy, in my opinion, the best season of the year! Below are some creative ideas to make this Fall a memorable one.

Creative Fall Date Ideas:

Have a pumpkin carving contest.  This is, of course, number one on the list because … FALL.  Go to a pumpkin patch and pick our your favs, then turn on some music, open some wine and get to carving. Winner doesn’t have to clean up!

Hit up Trivia Night at a local bar.  Most bars offer a credit towards your bar tab if you win! Don’t have a trivia night in your town? Create your own at home!

Play mixologists at home. Create your own craft cocktails in your own kitchen! Or try your hand at brewing your own craft beer together.

Halloween costume shopping date. Can never figure out what to be for Halloween? Try this: you each write 3 Halloween costume ideas down on a pieces of paper and exchange.  Each of you picks one from the others list and that’s what you have to be for Halloween!  If you don’t trust your partner enough to pick something out for you – come up with a couples costume idea!

Take a cooking class together. With the Holidays approaching now is a great time to pick up a new recipe or two. Find a class or chef that can teach you how to make this years turkey extra tasty.

Search for the best pumpkin spice latte.  Not to be basic AF, but pumpkin spice latte season is upon us. Hit up your local coffee shops and find who has the best one! Not a PSL fan, no worries, this is the time of year when most local coffee shops come up with new “seasonal drinks” – find your favorite and get them before they are gone!

Scare yourselves. Find a ghost tour or haunted house and try not to pee your pants in fear.

Attend a hard cider tasting. Don’t live near anywhere that makes hard cider? No problem, go to BevMo and grab a handful of different ciders – they sell them by the single bottle or can, and have your own tasting!

Become amateur photographers. Turn the camera on yourselves and set timer to take your own Holiday card photo.

Get baked together. Come on, get your head out of the gutter, or don’t – we don’t judge! Bake some pies together. Apple, pumpkin, pecan, what ever your heart desires.

Attend a local Fall festival.  Fall is typically a season where your town hosts festivals. Chili cook-offs, Oktoberfests, etc. Check out what is on tap in your community this season and go check it out!

Go to a football or hockey game. Fall is the time to catch games early on in the season when they are more reasonably priced before the playoffs start! Tailgate and cheer your faces off.

Turn your living room into a Fall dreamland. Pumpkin candles, cozy blankets, festive fall cocktails, popcorn, twinkle lights. Settle in and watch scary movies!

Visit a brewery. Sample some fresh made pumpkin beer.

Make a bonfire and roast some s’mores.  Turn your backyard into a little oasis. Don’t have a yard, no problem. Make s’mores in your kitchen and eat in your “fall dreamland” mentioned above.

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