Best Old School Games For Date Night In

written by Trisha Stone
Best Old School Games for Date Night In

One of our favorite date nights is game night!  You don’t have to leave the house, can be in your PJs, drink wine or craft cocktails and listen to music.  And the competition and bets make game night with your babe super fun and SEXY.

Here are 12 great old-school games for date night in!  You can still have fun playing these as an adult (all of which can also involve taking your clothes off if you want to turn it up a notch):

(1) Guess Who?

Guess Who? The classic mystery game. Do you have glasses? No, please take off your shirt, LOL. Click, click,

(2) Operation

A little game of doctor/patient with Operation. Careful with the sensitive areas. Play dress-up for even more fun! 

(3) Strip Hungry Hungry Hippos

Forget poker, Hungry Hungry Hippos is the best way to get your babe naked in no time. You’ll laugh at how a game you played as a kid that seemed to take forever is over in seconds.  Tip: Cheating is sometimes a good idea and adds to the fun – if you hide the balls you can get your partner naked quicker (especially after a couple glasses of wine when they’re not paying close attention.) So fun!



(4) Battleship

Man your battle stations! Battleship Original 1998 version with sound. For those of you who have never played or it’s been a long time this is one of the longer games on the list. You may need some grown-up incentives. Get creative with what you win when you find and take down your opponent’s battleship.



(5) Yahtzee

What I love about Yahtzee is it is a very low thinking game, so your fun game night can be stay super chill and relaxed.



(6) Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a great game for the adventurous couple. Beware many of the questions are sexual so you must be ok with being very open with each other. It could actually have the added bonus of getting you to try new things together!


(7) Monopoly

No list would be complete with Monopoly. Love to send my babe to Jail and we have our own rules for bail.


(8) Jenga

Jenga is a classic and it’s always a good time! You don’t have to plug it in. It doesn’t have any lights, bells, buzzers, or whistles. There’s no robot, no artificial intelligence, and not a darn thing anyone can control with their smartphone. It does have suspense, and if you’re not paying attention, you do miss all the fun.

(9) Twister

Twister, another fun classic where clothing is optional.

(10) Dominoes

Takes a little more concentration, math and strategy then some of the other games on the list but I LOVE Dominoes. Can’t wait to make babe pick up draw until I yell “Domino!”



(11) Card Games

Think War, Gin, Spades, Slap Jack and don’t forget about Uno, Old Maid, Go Fish.


(12) Super Mario Bros & More!

Go Old School BIG TIME this Date Night with this Retro Game Console and up the stakes with a Super Mario or Pac Man Challenge!

LOOKING FOR MORE IDEAS: Try Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Life, Checkers or a maybe a Dance-Off with some Old-School songsThe Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, Moonwalk, Roger Rabbit, Kid N Play, The Sprinkler (haha).

When in doubt take it very old-school: Prank Call, Doorbell Ditch, Hide N Seek, Build a Fort…

Comment below with your favorite old-school game!

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