Whether we are dating, newlyweds, three kids deep or somewhere in-between we need to grow, we want to be inspired.

The Coupled is a community “for couples, by couples.” It shares the latest and best relationship advice from inspiring couples and experts, real first-hand advice, and how-to guides, to inspire couples to grow together and stay coupled. We know the grass isn’t always greener.  We know how hard it is to stay connected in our crazy busy world — where changing partners has never been easier — but we choose to be different.
We chose to stay Coupled.

Here you will find content that will inspire growth, connection and sparks in your relationship.

We are modern couples who are different. We are willing to change. We are willing to work on our relationship by trying new things and asking for help when we need it.  

We are The Coupled.

Meet Our Founder, Trisha Stone:

Hi, I’m Trisha, a “momtrepreneur” – I love this word because it says it’s okay for me to be both a mom and an entrepreneur. It helps reduce my mom guilt. My husband Chris is a special education teacher. I always say he has a lot of patience and that’s why he can put up with me.

I met Chris on a summer night in Pacific Beach – a young, fun, beach community in San Diego, CA.  We got married two years later. I was not super young, 27, but I had no idea what marriage would be like. Now, in my mind I associate marriage a little bit with the warnings people gave me when I was in law school. They would say, “being a lawyer is going to be tough, billable hours are SO hard.” I would agree but inside I was thinking “I’ll be fine. I know how to work hard.” Isn’t it true that oftentimes it’s not until you actually start doing something that you realize how hard it’s going to be!

No one gave me a similar warning about marriage. Of course, I knew that people got divorced because my parents got divorced but I kind of just thought they had “issues”. That they weren’t the norm.

No one gave me a similar warning about kids either. The effect they would have on our relationship, the intense joy and the stress kids bring and how hard it would be to stay truly connected to each other (not just friends, not just two people walking around Disneyland together, or like wrestlers tagging each other “in” taking turns brushing teeth, reading bedtime stories, soccer games and teacher conferences.) But partners in every way.

Or how life would inevitably get in the way with death, health issues, jobs and financial stress, etc. Like every other couple we’ve had our lows. And like every other couple, we’ve been afraid to share some of our hard times with friends or family – afraid of what they would think of either of us or our relationship.

It’s hard to have an exceptional relationship today when there are so many things in life working against us – when it has never been easier to cheat or call it quits – when social media shares the “good times” and  we’re not talking to anyone about the really hard times.

We created the Coupled so we could start having real conversations about relationships and what it takes to be a “happy couple” long-term. The couples we aspire to be – married after 50+ years and still connected and still having fun together. They are not perfectly compatible. They did not always have it easy. They have struggled, they have worked through A LOT together.

They are us.

Their story and my story, is really our story. We all have the same struggles. We are all choosing to work through hard stuff and stay together. In our busy world, where staying together is not “in fashion” we are all choosing to be different. We are all extraordinary.  

This is for us.


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