A Married Couples Tips To Staying Connected While Traveling For Work

written by A Real Couple
A Married Couples Tips To Staying Connected While Traveling For Work

My husband and I have been together for 16 years, inseparable from the beginning until I started traveling a lot for work. I worried about what this new travel schedule would mean for us and our marriage.

But what’s surprising is even though I miss him and wish he could come with me on every trip, the distance creates mystery and excitement and forces us to make the most of the time we have together. 

We have also created a long distance love story.

It’s filled with cute love notes like this one I recently found in my suitcase and even came complete with a hand-drawn paw print from our pup, Lido, who never wants me to leave!

Handwritten notes are the best! This one made me cry, happy tears.

Here are more of our tips for staying connected while traveling:

(1)  When you go, leave behind a little treat or surprise. I leave chocolates in Brandon’s underwear drawer.”

(2)  Text A LOT. Check in and let your partner know you’re thinking about them.

(3)  Include your partner in your day. Record videos, Instastories or Snapchats so they can see what you’re up to. When I’m on the phone with Jess I often ‘take her’ with me to our local espresso spot. It’s part of our normal couple routine and helps us feel closer.”

(4)  Don’t forget to tell your partner they “rock” and encourage them to “crush it.” It’s hard to be apart and they need your encouragement and to hear you’re proud of what they’re doing.

(5)  Try to talk at the beginning and end of each day.

(6)  Make “date night” and/or vacation plans for when you see each other next.

(7)  And if you live together, make sure to recognize and express your appreciation for all of the little things your partner does when you’re away and they’re at home taking care of everything.

With every text, video, note and surprise gift we have maintained our closeness no matter where we are in the world. Also, when we get older we’re going to look back and remember this time as just one fun chapter of a very long love story!

Featured Couple: Brandon and Jess
Together for: 16 years
Storyteller: @sexwithdrjess
Location: Toronto Canada

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