5 Bad Ass San Francisco Date Ideas

written by Elizabeth Vernengo
5 Bad Ass San Francisco Date Ideas

(1.)  Mortified

Image source: Mortified

I remember during the summers while I was in high school a big group of us (boys and girls) would be laying around at the beach and we would read aloud the “Say Anything” section from YM magazine (turns out, you can order a “best of” collectionbe still my 90s kid heart!) because if there’s one thing that entertains us, regardless of gender, race or age, it’s other people’s embarrassment. Mortified is a live show where people read from their old journals and diaries, the most terrific embarrassing moments of their youth. It’s also great for opening opportunities to share your own with each other, and REALLY bond.

After, walk across the street for mortifying food like fried twinkies and cheap beer at Butter.

*Bonus – if you’re in a Netflix and chill kind of mood, there is a “Mortified Guide To…” series on Netflix comprised of clips from the live shows and interviews with the readers.


(2.)  Archimedes Banya

Source: Banya SF

I’m a sucker for a spa, or any kind of “treat yo’ self” activities and I first learned about Russian bath houses when I dated *The Russian for two years. It’s a great way to keep it hot – literally – and let off some steam with your loved one. Grab some food or drinks there and hang out on the rooftop deck. After a good steam and a dip in the ice-cold plunge pool – go ahead and let them get close so they can see how tiny and clear your pores are.

If you want some Russian treats that don’t include the potential of ancient naked men slapping themselves with veniks, check out Cinderella Bakery for authentic and delicious Russian fare including pirogy and borsch.


(3.)  Nightlife By The CA Academy of Science

Nerd out at Nightlife by the California Academy of Science every Thursday night starting at 8:00 pm – it’s adults only and includes access to all museum exhibits, music AND adult beverages, win win! Try and score a table at Outerlands afterwards for an amazing post-academia meal. *Bonus – on October 25th there will be a Halloween themed event with a drag show and costume contest that sounds amazing!


(4.)  Musee Mechanique

One of my all-time favorite date activities is going to this odd little museum full of old-timey coin operated music boxes and arcade games. We’re talking old – this is pre-movie, pre-TV so it’s hilarious to see what kind of weird stuff would motorize, stick in a box, and then pay money to watch. Bring a roll of quarters and definitely make some time to compete with each other on a vintage Pac-Man machine. After, walk down to Ghirardelli Square to get somewhat away from the tourist traps (it’ll still be pretty touristy) and grab some food and drinks at The Pub.


(5.)  Nightlife With A View


For as much as there is to do in the City, one thing that is seriously lacking is outdoor nightlife space. The rooftop bars and patios are few and far between, but when you find a good one- it is GOOD. I also like to have little staycations as dates – it shakes things up and gets you out of your routine. (and is just me, or is sex markedly better in hotel rooms?) So, to that end, might I recommend some downtown hotel bar and slumber party action? The View Lounge at the Marriot Marquis has insane views of downtown and the Bay Bridge. Dirty Habit is an outdoor roof bar at Hotel Zelos that has fun craft cocktails and the front desk has extra toiletries if you decide to spontaneously book a room ; )


*Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent

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