3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship Today

written by Lauren Caldwell
5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship Today

Today we are talking about simple and easy way you can improve your relationship today. We are are all super busy and at the end of the day sometimes it’s easier to crawl into bed and watch tv than actually engage with your partner. We also know that sometimes those long days can turn into long weeks and before you know it, it’s been a whole month since you have surprised your partner with a little extra attention to show them how much you are thinking of them and love them. Below are 3 easy and simple ways you can show your partner you are thinking of them today.

leave them a surprise note.

This can be as simple as a post it note or a Hallmark card. What leaves an impression on your partner is the surprise or “out of the blue” element.  Hide the note in her purse or in his car.  Not sure what to say? How about:  one reason you love them, thanking them for being a great partner, something spicy, tell them you can’t wait to see them.

pitch in.

Maybe your partner is always the one who goes to the grocery store, does the laundry or walks the dog. Tell them that you are going to handle their responsibilities that day so they can take time for themselves. Thank them for always taking care of these responsibilities and tell them that you appreciate them.


Put your phone in a drawer for the night. Give your partner your full attention and let them pick what it is you do for the evening. Maybe it’s a board game, a walk or a movie. Whatever it is, put your phone away and be as present as possible. Giving your partner your undivided attention shows them that they are your priority.

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